Steps to create a supporters club

All Barcelona supporters have the opportunity to get together and represent our colours worldwide.

In accordance with the Supporters Clubs Regulations and in consideration that it is essential to comply with the requirements of article 3, in order to register a Barcelona supporters club the following steps must be observed:

  • 1. Application and name
  • 2. Provisional Recognition
  • 3. Legalization
  • 4. Officialization

1.Application and name

Given that the possibility of creating a Barcelona supporters club is bound among other conditions to whether there is already a supporters club in the town or city and also the number of inhabitants of the same, before constitutiig a supporters club the interested party-ies must fill in and supply to the FCB Supporters Clubs Department an "Application" that must necessarily state the following details:

Proposed name of the Supporters club.
Address of the Supporters club.
Number of inhabitants of town/city.
Contact person, telephone and email.
Membership number or commitment card number of the president. (*)
(*) Supporters clubs with an address in Catalonia must accredit a minimum of five members (including the President) that aremembers or commitment card holders

The Club, within a maximum period of 15 days will verify whether the "Application" complies with the requirements of the regulations and will inform the interested party of the possibility of continuing with the process for constituting the new supporters club.

2.Provisional Recognition

Once FC Barcelona has recognised in writing the possibility of going ahead with the application, the supporters club will have 90 days to apply for "Provisional Recognition" from the Supporters Clubs Department, for which it will have to fill in the form provided by said department and which must be accompanied by copies of the following documentation:

a) Foundational deeds
b) Proposed model for statutes
c) Certificate signed by the President and Secretary that shall state:

  • - The number of members pre-registered for the supporters club, if relevant, and their membership or commitment card details.
  • - 2/3 of the Governing Board must habitually reside in the town or city.
  • - As soon as it becomes official, the supporters club will provide the Club a list with all its members' details (including name, surname, ID number, date of birth and gender)

Once this documentation has been received, the Club will send it to the delegate of the Advisory Committee in the corresponding zone, who will validate it within a maximum period of 30 days. If the delegate's review is favourable, the Club will provide the following to the supporters club:

a) Certificate expressly authorising the use of the name applied for and/or other indentify symbols of the Club
b) Validated model of statutes


Once the name of the supporters club and/or identity symbols of the Club have been validated, the future supporters club will have a period of 90 days to present the documents (model of statutes and foundati onal deeds) to the corresponding registry office and shall then present a document to FC Barcelona to certify that this procedure has been initiated. If the period expires, it will be understood that the name has been released and the procedure will have to start again with a new application.

In this latest stage to legalise the supporters club, the same must be registered as a non-profit making association with:

a) The Servei de Registre i Suport a les Entitats Jurídiques depenent de la Direcció General de Dret i Entitats Jurídiques del Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya, if based in Catalonia.

b) Registro Nacional de asociaciones de la subdelegación del Gobierno corresponding to the province where the supporters club is domiciled or alternatively, the Registro de asociaciones for the corresponding autonomous community in the case of the rest of Spain.

c) National registry office of associations at the Spanish consulate or embassy in the corresponding country when all or some of the members are of Spanish nationality in the case of foreign supporters clubs. If no members of the supporters club are of that nationality, the application for registration must be referred to the competent body in the country in question.

Once the documentation has been processed with the corresponding body, the future supporters club must provide a sealed copy of the statutes or the document that accredits that the association is official, in the case of foreign supporters clubs, to the Club to be validated and approved by the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona.


The Club, once approved, will provide in writing its recognition by means of a welcome letter and shall proceed by registering it in the Club's Register of Official Supporters Clubs. The Club will not accept any statutes for processing if the requirements established for the initiation of the process have not been complied with, namely:

a) Application and name
b) Provisional recognition

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