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On August 7, 2019, the working meeting of the III Pan American Penyes Meeting was held in the morning at the Sabadell Financial Center in Miami, with the participation of José María Barnils, director of the club's social area, Toni Freire, president of the FCB World Penyes Federation, José Manuel Vargas, responsible for the North and Central America and Caribbean area, and representatives of 12 penyes of the American continent (Miami-Dade, Washington DC, Panama, Santo Domingo, El Salvador, Houston, Dallas, Guatemala, New York City, Puebla, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico).

The day was divided into two parts. In the first, the agreements that were approved in the last General Assembly of the federation, which was held days before at the Camp Nou, were explained and the reorganization of the area and its steering committee were also explained. In the second part, two discussion groups were created where experiences were shared and concerns and ideas were shared to continue improving the area, in particular, and the movement, in general.

In short, it was a very productive day where it is shown that American penyes are working very well and the movement is very healthy thanks to the unconditional commitment of its penyes and members.


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