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The FC Barcelona World Penyes Federation will hold its Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 3rd, in Barcelona, Sala Roma 2009 in Camp Nou, from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

We ask that any penya interested in participating register no later than Wednesday, July 31st, 7:00 pm (Barcelona time). To register, send an email to with the following information:
- first and last name of the person(s) attending,
- identification number (passport, national ID card), 
- email or phone number,
- name of the penya being represented,
- position in the board of directors of the penya.Due to space limitations and feasibility, assistance is limited to a maximum of two (2) members per penya. As a reminder, each penya is entitled to one (1) vote only and all votes are binding.


15:00 h- Participants' arrival/registration
15:30 h- Meeting begins
1. Welcome: Penyes world: Confederation, World Federation, penyes and the supporters
2. Changes in the World Federation's board
     --New representative for Europe (*)
     --Conclusion regarding the cessation of the previous secretary
3. Update of the FCB World Penyes Federation Constitution and Internal Regulations (*)
     --What has changed
     --Area steering committees
     --Grants to the areas
     --Disciplinary committee
4. Financial situation (*)
5. Ticket distribution (*)
6. Executive assistant: introduction and responsibilities
7. OAP Online
8. Working groups
9. Presentation of gifts and awards
    --Penyes in attendance
    --WPF 2019 award
10. Questions

19:30 h approx.- Closing
(*) Topic to be voted on

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