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A combined team of 12 players, 8 from PB Vandouvre-Lorraine and 4 from Penya Virtual Blaugrana) played as FCB World Penyes Federation Team in the Confederation's Football 7 Tournament during the 2nd and 3rd of August in the MiniEstadi's training fields.

Mr. Cèdric Ribaut, president of PB Vandouvre-Lorraine, coached this team and they lived a wonderful experience. They played 4 games in Sub-10 (9 to 10 years old) category but we have to say that some of our players were between 7 and 8 years old.

We want to thank both penyes that they was proud to wear the Federation's shirt for first time in this tournament during the 40th FC Barcelona Penyes World Congress. Thank you so much!

Our kids finally won the 'Fair Play' Trophy and they are so excited and eager to come back next year.

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