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From the FC Barcelona World Penyes Federation we call on all the Barcelona supporters clubs to make their donations, which will go to humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian population.

Faced with the social emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, the Barça Kiev Fan Club, belonging to our federation, has decided to open an online campaign to raise funds. Its objective: to allocate them to humanitarian aid to alleviate, as far as possible, the grievances that Ukrainian families are suffering who are facing the consequences of this conflict. To this end, both the supporters' club, the World Federation and the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs are calling on all the official supporters clubs of FC Barcelona worldwide to do their part in this initiative.

Make your donation!

The campaign seeks the complicity of the entire movement of Barcelona supporters clubs, but is open to contributions from anyone who wishes to help. All those people or entities that want to make their donation can access the campaign through this link.

To organize the campaign, the Barça Kiev Fan Club has chosen the Kukumiku Foundation crowdfunding platform, which has helped promote solidarity projects around the world.

One of the values ​​that define the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs, its Federations and all the supporters' supporters clubs, whatever their origin, is maximum social involvement with the population that surrounds them. And this takes on a very special value when it comes to helping those who are having a worse time.

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