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To be used to manage the membership list more efficiently and offer direct benefits


The Supporters' Clubs World Confederation has launched its new website for managing official FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs: its e-Office. This site fulfills the need for Barça institutions to go a step further in the digitalisation process and for the supporters’ clubs movement to continue to modernise and adapt to new needs. 

The first census of supporters’ clubs members in 2013 was a huge step forward, because for the first time we could count exactly how many people there are, and identify anyone who is a member of a Barça supporters’ club wherever they might be. The opening of the OAP Online also meant members could perform transactions without having to go to the Penyes Services Office in person. The new e-Office in 2021 will focus both on supporters’ clubs and on their members.

Via the e-Office, members will be able to directly manage their data and thereby create a Digital Identity, which will include various benefits for everyone, as well as those that come with their Penyista Card. This digital identity involves having a username and password.

This means that clubs will be able to recruit new members digitally, rather than them having to go in person to the clubhouse, but it will still be the local supporters’ club that exercises control over them, and that will accept new members into the movement or not. In a second phase, this also allows the club or the Federation to which it belongs, as well as the World Confederation of Penyes and FC Barcelona itself to communicate with the Penya member to send information of possible interest, for instance about activities, and special offers and promotions. 

Intuitive, easy-to-use tool

The e-Office is an extremely intuitive and user-friendly system, for which users register individually, and then club president or board members who act as administrators will be able to accept people or not. Once registered, members will set up a username and password (Digital Identity), which will then offer them various benefits through the system.

To help set things up, the Penyista Card 2021 comes with a registration code. By entering this number and the code of the supporters’ club to which they belong, the e-Office can then locate the user and associate them directly to their club. Anyone who does not have such a code can register by entering their details and then stating the Penya to which they would like to be affiliated. The president, or any other accepted administrator, will then be able to decide whether or not to accept that person.

Full membership lists

Now that this new website is operative, each supporters’ club will be able to view its full membership list, just as it could with the OAP Online, thanks to automatic data migration. From now on, this will be the only valid membership list and will be used to produce Penyista Cards and to calculate ticket distribution figures, among other things. So it will no longer be necessary for supporters’ clubs to keep updating their own membership lists, although they will still be in charge of them and will be responsible for managing new and cancelled memberships. The people entitled to perform these tasks will be the president, the vice-presidents, the treasurer and the secretary.

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