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Congratulations to Joan Laporta to whom the movement is much looking forward to working with for the future of FC Barcelona supporters


The Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, the organisation that brings together all of the official FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs around the world, is very positive about success of yesterday’s elections. It was delighted with the high turnout and the excellent organisation by the Club, and is especially grateful to all the members who turned out to vote despite the difficulties of the pandemic situation.

With the count over, the Confederation congratulates the winner of the ballot, Joan Laporta. As it always has done, and as it has been saying to all candidates throughout the lection process, the Confederation is looking forward to working in close collaboration with the club for the future of Barça.

The Confederation has been highly implicated in these electionsholding meetings with each of the candidatures to pool ideas for the future, and during the signature-collection procedure it made its federations’ and Penyes’ over 190 headquarters available for use by the candidates. And as part of the 41st World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs, the Confederation held the first live debate between all three presidential candidates.


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