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Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa and Víctor Font will be presenting their proposals for the issues of most direct concern to members and supporters in a debate that can be watched on BarçaTV, BarçaTV+ and the Confederation website


The 41st World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs, to be held remotely this Sunday, will be the venue for the first electoral debate between the three candidates for the FC Barcelona presidency. After the first part of the event, at which the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation will be reviewing the 2019/20 season and the honouring the work done by supporters to help deal with the problems caused by Covid-19, the event will be welcoming Joan LaportaToni Freixa and Víctor Font, who will be presenting and debating their propositions.

“At the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, and in association with Seguiment FCB, we are able to offer the candidates the chance to speak to all Penyes and Club members watching the Congress from their homes, so they can assess the future matters that affect them most directly”, says Antoni Guil, president of the Confederation.

Like the rest of the Congress, the electoral debate will be held remotely and shown on BarçaTV and the BarçaTV+ platform, as well as the FC Barcelona’s websiteConfederation’s website and Facebook account. It is scheduled to start around 12 noon and will be presented and moderated by journalist Marta Carreras.

Debate content

The debate will focus on sporting and financial matters that will have a bearing on the Club’s future, but the Confederation wants there to be special emphasis on decisions that most affect the FC Barcelona Social Area. The three candidates will be expressing their ideas regarding such matters as the Club ownership model, and the way the members participate in its governance. It will also look at the involvement of Penyes in the club’s day-to-day activities, and a possible review of the conditions for acquiring member status.

Although current restrictions make it impossible, support both in the Camp Nou and in away stadiums is one of the strong points of the Club’s fan base, which includes its supporters’ clubs around the world. So the candidates will be addressing such issues as stadium season tickets, the Seient Lliure system, the Espai d’Animació and away trips. All of this will be with the Espai Barça macro-project in the background, which is a topic that will be covered in a block of its own.

Implication of Penyes

The Confederation has been actively involved in ensuring these elections can go ahead from the very outset. For example, at an early stage it offered meetings for all aspiring candidates to pool their ideas for the future. During the collection of support slips, the movement offered candidates the use of more than 190 Federation and supporters’ clubs headquarters.


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