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Users can play in online Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 tournaments and compete to win great official FC Barcelona prizes


The eSports Penyes app, created by the Supporters' Clubs World Confederation, is now available in the Google Play Store (Android) and in the App Store (Apple) too. It recreates the spirit of the Penyes Futbol Games that were so popular before the pandemic put a stop to them, switching to an online format for organising and managing remote tournaments using the eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 2021) videogame by Konami. It also offers the option of including other popular games on other platforms.

The eSports Penyes app has private tournaments for each regional federation and also tournaments open to all participants. In all cases, the winners could get official FC Barcelona prizes like training kits, backpacks, balls and museum tickets.

Registration for tournaments

To play in tournaments, users need to register and create a profile on the eSports Penyes app, and will also need a copy of the PES 2021 game. Registration can be associated to a Google or Facebook account, or by entering personal details, including saying whether you are a penya and/or FC Barcelona member and choosing a nickname to be known by in competitions.

Once you’ve created your profile, you can access any tournaments that are open at any given time, which are listed on a screen inside the app. All the information you need is shown here: entry conditions, tournament details, start time, rules and prizes. Users can register directly for tournaments that are open to the public, while private ones for federations require a password that is provided by the corresponding organisation.

Online PES 2021 games

Shortly before a tournament begins, users are shown a bracket for the competition so they can see who they are playing against. Before each game, the players communicate via the eSports Penyes app and go into PES 2021 online mode to meet up and start the game. Once finished, they also report the score via the app, and the games are gradually updated through to the grand finale.

The eSports Penyes app is a way for a large number of players to keep in contact remotely, meaning that they can enter competitions without having to worry about anything more than their command of the controller. And all of this without ever leaving to the house and therefore complying with all health and safety measures.

First public tournament on December 19

After a series of pilot tests with different federations, the Supporters' Clubs World Confederation is ready to hold its first PES 2021 tournament open to the general public using the eSports Penyes app. The tournament is happening on December 19 and will be a meeting point for supporters clubs, Barça members and fans in general to enjoy eSports in the true blaugrana style. The app will be announcing subsequent tournaments chronologically as they are announced.

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