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Original article by Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, here.

The 41st World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs has been announced

The event, which is scheduled for early autumn, will be designed in a format that can be followed online and will recognise the work done by the movement in the fight against Covid-19

Despite the difficulties being caused by the spread of Covid-19, the World Confederation of Supporters' Clubs has set the 41st World Congress of Supporters' Clubs in motion. The annual event, that brings together penyes and their members from all over the world, discards its usual format –coinciding with the Joan Gamper Trophy–, but would instead be reinvented to adapt to the demands of the times and to maintain contact between members of the movement.

The 41st World Congress of Supporters' Clubs has the full support of FC Barcelona, and will be using technology so it can be held virtually and followed online. The event will also be strictly observing all guidelines from the health authorities and ensuring the health of everyone taking part. The exact date of the World Congress of Supporters' Clubs has yet to be confirmed, but is expected to be some time between late September and early October.

“The challenge to connect the movement in such difficult, testing times as these is what encouraged the Penyes Council to propose this method. We won’t let any virus stop us”, says Antoni Guil, president of the World Confederation of Supporters' Clubs.

Tribute to efforts against COVID-19
As well as reporting the World Confederation of Supporters' Clubs’ activities in the 2019-20 season, the 41st edition of the World Congress of Supporters' Clubs will also be making a priority of honouring all the work and actions undertaken by members of the movement to help curb the spread of Covid-19. Since the state of alarm was announced and lockdown measures were imposed, the movement has been supporting the Food Bank and Blood Bank, and has made numerous donations, both monetary and in kind, to hospitals, charity organisations, residences and administrations.

“The caring nature of the supporters movement has never been better expressed than it has during this health crisis” adds Guil. “At this congress we want to show our appreciation for what the federations, penyes and members have been doing to alleviate the effects of the emergency. These, more than ever, are the values that define our movement, and we are very proud of them.”

As further details regarding the 41st World Congress of Supporters' Clubs become better known, the World Confederation of Supporters' Clubs will duly inform all entities and members of the supporters’ clubs movement.



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