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Original article by Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, here.

Confederation closes season with 1,273 official penyes

Supporters’ clubs have a total of 171,100 members, 7,100 up on last season, with the movement’s international presence increasing for four fourth consecutive year

The FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, created to drive and gather supporters’ clubs from all around the world, now has 1,273 penyes: 444 of those are located in Catalonia, 678 elsewhere in Spain and 151 in the rest of the world. In total, they have 171,100 members, 7,100 more than last season.

As a result of different sports and charity projects, the Confederation’s presence in all five continents has increased for the fourth year in a row. International growth has been especially exponential year after year, and the World Federation now has more than 150 members, proof of the movement’s expansion and capacity to drive support for the team all around the planet.

20 new Barça penyes
In fact, there have been more new international penyes than any other kind: 14 of the 20 new supporters’ clubs, showing regular and worldwide progression in the United States (PB San Diego, Los Angeles and Garden State), Italy (PB Napoli), France (PB Collioure), Tunisia (PB Tunis), Morocco (PB Laayoune), Rwanda (PB Kigali), Senegal (PB Dakar), Mali (PB Bamako), Kuwait (PB Kuwait), Poland (PB Lodz), Vietnam (PB Ha Noi) and Iraq (PB Basra).

The other six new supporter’s clubs are in Spain. Barcelona has welcomed the PB Solidaria and PB Valdivia; the Balearic Islands have PB Som Culé de Lloret de Vistalegre; the Canary Islands have PB Villa de Mazo; Zamora has PB Viriato de Zamora and Granada has PB Albolote 8 Infinito.

Getting younger
As for member age, the percentage of under 35s has slightly increased in relation to last season, to 34%, which is evidence that fans are getting younger as new people are attracted to the Confederation. Figures for Spain and Catalonia in general are more or less the same, but 45% of members in the city of Barcelona are youngsters who regularly come to games at Camp Nou. But the World Federation is notably younger than any other with 55.5% of its members being youngsters, and particularly those in Asia where the percentage is 74.4%.

More women
For the second year running, 27% of the members are female. By regions, Barcelona has one of the highest percentages, 32.5% equating to 3,590 women. Internationally, the United States is well above the average with 39.5%, while the figure for Europe is 21% and for America it rises up to 33%.

The Confederation is keen to attract increasingly more diverse and extensive members, but for all of them to share the same values. Another of the key goals is to make the movement more modern, with more open, dynamic supporters’ clubs that are committed to the social, cultural and sporting causes around them.



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