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Original article by Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, here.

PB New York joins “Kick Coronavirus” campaign

Program brings together 34 supporters’ clubs in the city and has already raised almost $40,000 for NYC Health+Hospitals

The emergency situation that the world is facing has brought together different supporters’ clubs in the Big Apple, one of the cities that has been worst hit by Covid-19. 34 different Penyes in the city, supporters of different soccer teams that are usually rivals on the field of play, have joined forces in the New York Kicks Coronavirus campaign. Naturally the Penya Blaugrana of New York City has lent its support too with a donation of $1,000 the first launching day.

The primary goal is to raise funds for the city’s only public health system: NYC Health+Hospitals. The amount raised currently stands at $38,500 in support of an organization that is on the frontline against the coronavirus pandemic, serving millions of people without resources or at risk of social exclusion. It treats all patients regardless of their origin or financial capacities.

New York Kicks Coronavirus has already been shared more than 1,200 times on digital networks, including a video designed to attract as many people as possible. As the mission statement reads of the PB Nova York: “During this difficult moment we need unity more than ever, and the one thing that unites us all is the beautiful game. Football supporters’ clubs of NYC spanning eight countries and proving what a diverse melting pot this city really is are teaming up to bring COVID-19 down.”

“The mission is to care for all regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. Let’s show our gratitude to those working on the front line, and to finally show Coronavirus the red card”, says the supporters’ club.



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