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Ramadan brings Arab Penyes together

In the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan for this year, a group of Arab Penyes from the Middle East and Africa have decided to run together a mutual campaign and leave a trace for many people in need. 

Penya Barcelonista De Beirut (Lebanon), Gent Blaugrana Anfa (Morroco), Penya Barca de Basra (Irak), Penya Barca De Kenitra (Morroco), Penya Blaugrana De Baghdad (Irak), Penya Barcelonista Tunis (Tunisia) and Penya Barcelonista Jordania (Jordan) have put all their efforts together and raise the voice high to collect as much possible donations in order to prepare Food Baskets and distribute them to families in need.

The baskets will be distributed by the Penya itself each in its country during Ramadan.

See the promotionnal video here

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