Antonio Freire


Alberto Caloggero

Vicepresident, Responsible for South America

Sara Adkins-Blanch


Josep A. Martin


Teresa Calveras

Board Member, Communication Officer

Eduard Manas

Board Member, Coordinator Procedures & Projects

Peter Bellàs

Board Member, Legal Advisor

Anthony Romon

Board Member, Responsible for Europe

Youssef Bennani

Board Member, Responsible for Africa

José Manuel Vargas

Board Member, Responsible for North/Central America & Caribbean

Jose Ignacio Ruiz "Jirco"

Board Member, Responsible for Asia & Oceania

Roser Espona

Executive Assistant


FCB World Penyes Federation gathers the official supporters’ clubs (penyes from now on) of FC Barcelona of the “World” zone, this is, all the located outside of Catalonia and Spain. It was officially established in 2016 and currently has over 140 active supporters’ clubs and 10000 supporters clubs’ members."

Structure of the Penyes Movement

In 2013 a new organization in 30 territorial federations was set up: 18 federations corresponding to area 1 (Catalonia), 11 of area 2 (rest of Spain) and one for area 3 (rest of the world). All of them are included in the World Supporters’ Clubs Confederation, founded in March 2015 and chaired by Antoni Guil.

As a result of the statutory reform related to the new organization, the 30 presidents of the Federations are part of de the Council of the Confederation and commitment members of FC Barcelona.

Our mission

The FC World Penyes Federation's mission is to represent and defend the interests of the affiliated penyes, as well as participate actively in the public life of FC Barcelona, respecting its values and principles.

It is mandatory that every FCB Barcelona supporters’ club affiliates to the geographically corresponding Federation. For the zone 3-World this is the FCB World Penyes Federation.

Our objectives


Special thanks to our collaborators for their hard work and dedication for the Federation and all penyes:

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